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SD Enhanced  Concealed Pistol Permit Training and NRA Basic Pistol Courses




Gary's Gun Shop in Sioux Falls

    November 12th and 13th

       6:00pm to 9:00pm both nights

       Sign up at Gary's or call them at 605-332-6119



Enhanced Concealed Carry Class: $85

Tuesday  November 19th and Wednesday the 20th

Sioux Falls: 

     Classroom at Quik Response, 822 East 41st St on

             Tuesday the 19th,  6:00pm to 10:30

             Shooting on Wednesday the 20th

                at 6:00 pm at Gary's Gun Shop


Basic Infornation:



SD GUN LAWS (reguired)

   (Approx 3 - 4  hours depending on class size)

A Short written test must be passed (70% everything will be covered in class - no surprises) 


     Must SAFELY fire at least 98 rounds with handgun (yup, 98!) NOT scored        *NOTICE - Instructors will have the right to end your session if you are deemed unsafe. The live fire is primarliy to demonstrate safe handling and operational knowlegde of your carry weapon. 


Gun, Ammo, Holster, Hearing and Eye protection MUST be provided by student - Holsters are not required but recommended if you plan to use one for carry. When shooting indoors we will not use holsters. If you have a 5 shot revolver, 98 rounds will take a while!)


We will have NO loner or rental guns and NO ammunition for sale -  EYE AND EAR PROTECTION IS MANDATORY


If training is held at a range which offers gun rental and sells ammunition that is not included in fees of this class. That is between you and the range but rental is a great way to try something before buying it. 


              BRING WHAT YOU NEED!! 


You will receive a Certificate of Completion and 2 finger print cards with addressed envelope following the live fire.


To apply for the permit you take your Certificate of Completion and Finger Print Cards to the Sherrif's office IN YOUR COUNTY OF RESIDENCE. YOU WILL BE FINGER PRINTED. (Some departments charge a fee for finger printing - call ahead) 


You will fill out the Enhanced Pistol Permit Application and provide a Check made out to SD DCI for $43.25. This is the standard cost for a background check.


When you are approved the Sheriff's office will contact you and you can pick up your temporary permit. Fee for CCW Permit is $100 (fee is set by the Legislature - don't be mad at the Sheriff) 


Your laminated "blue" card will be mailed directly to you by the office of the Secretary of State. 


This is the current procedure - changes - if any - will be posted here. May vary slightly by jurisdiction. 


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