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May 2023 Outdoorsmen Article

Connecting the Dots                                     Kevin Jensen  May 2023


When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory? Over the past three years almost everything reported in the conservative media has been decried as “conspiracy” by the mainstream and liberal media outlets. Some subject matter is harder to prove than others and I try to avoid talking about them, unless there has been a recent release of verifiable news that supports the issue.  Many of those ‘theories’ have now become fact and largely ignored by the mainstream media. This is an outdoor magazine, so trust me that where this article leads does affect our rights.


I’ll start this off with a matter that I know is true because we dealt with it in the 2023 South Dakota Legislature. HB1193 would have amended certain provisions of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), which was essentially 117 pages of legal language updating the state financial institution regulations. There were two sections of that bill that I will point to as the reason the governor ended up vetoing the bill, and why the veto was sustained by the House.


First, I am sure most people are familiar with the concept of crypto currency even though you may not fully understand how it works. Crypto currency is a digital form of money with no reserve basis to back it up, like gold or silver. The IRS and banks hate it because it bypasses your banking records and generally goes untaxed.  HB1193 would have given the Central Banking System the ability to nullify crypto currencies like Bit Coin.

Here is a definition of a Central Bank from Investopedia™:

  • A central bank is a financial institution that is responsible for overseeing the monetary system and policy of a nation or group of nations, regulating its money supply, and setting interest rates.
  • Central banks enact monetary policy, by easing or tightening the money supply and availability of credit, central banks seek to keep a nation's economy on an even keel.
  • A central bank sets requirements for the banking industry, such as the amount of cash reserves banks must maintain vis-à-vis their deposits.
  • A central bank can be a lender of last resort to troubled financial institutions and even governments.


I am not a banking expert but our central system is generally refered to as the ‘Fed.” In theory we should have enough Gold in Fort Knox to cover all the cash in the system – we lost that balance decades ago.


Second, HB1193 would allow the Central Bank to create it’s own crypto currency (digital currency) under the regulation of the Central Bank System control, replacing Bit Coin and others with a system in which they can track all financial activity, and tax it. If every state agrees to the UCC we are in position to align with a worldwide central bank digital currency system known as a CBDC and it may no longer be based on the US dollar. This is no longer conspiracy; some countries have already done this. (Google BRICS)


Are we next in line? As reported by CNN March 11, 2022 “Part of President Joe Biden’s executive order regarding digital assets on Wednesday includes ‘placing urgency on research and development of a potential United States CBDC, should issuance be deemed in the national interest,’ according to an accompanying fact sheet released by the White House.” Whose national interest? The government’s, not yours. In plain language it’s a plan to prepare for a cashless society. In 2022 China rolled out it’s version and since then over 100 countries are at some level of conversion or development.


In the news for some time now is the fact that US credit card giants are ready to implement a new merchant category for those who deal in firearms and ammunition. Some CC companies have already adopted the new categories. The claim is that it would aid in tracking “suspicious gun sales.” Make no mistake; ALL gun sales are suspicious to those who want a total ban on gun sales. Some Banks offering credit to firearms dealers have already cut off their credit, limiting their ability to have sufficient inventory. In fact, at the NRA Convention this year, Governor Noem signed an Executive Order banning state agencies from having contracts with banks that restrict second amendment activities. It is a noble gesture but may have little effect, for now.


Next is the explosion of AI, Artificial Intelligence.  How many people have Alexa or similar devices in their home? These are actually very simple AI devices in comparison to some of the incredibly powerful robotics being developed. You can ask it a simple question or give a simple command, and like a Google search, it finds the most accurate answer or response based on millions of similar responses. In a sense, it learns from the mistakes it makes and gets ‘smarter’ with time. This ‘intelligence’ can live in the cloud, or in a decentralized system of computers from which the answers and responses are retrieved.


Is it possible to control what you can buy and where you can go based on some algorithm built on your purchase history, or even from your email conversations and social media posts? A few days before I wrote this article I posted on Face Book some pictures and a comment about replacing the brake calipers and rotors on my vehicle and over the next few days I was seeing ads for brake parts, brake shops and tools on my FB feed. It is not coincidence. This type of marketing has been going on for years. Maybe you have had similar experiences.


So where is this all leading? If you remember, in late 2021 truckers in Canada could not use their credit and debit cards for fuel purchases because they formed the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. They were protesting the fact that they were being forced to get Covid Vaccines. My observations have nothing to do with Covid, but have everything to do with the Canadian Government being able to restrict the ‘legal’ purchases of those who disobeyed the government’s rules.


It is not unreasonable to think, in fact it’s probable, that there is already a data base comprised of those who are obviously pro-gun patriots based on social media conversations and buying habits, especially online purchases.  If your social data base is combined with AI and CBDC, (digital currency) and you are flagged as being potential threat because you buy too much ammo and too many guns, you may find yourself unable to purchase firearms, ammo, reloading equipment and supplies. In a more extreme scenario they may limit where your vehicle can travel if they can get the Electric Vehicle mandates in place. If your vehicle has On Star, they already have the ability to disable it.


Conspiracy theories? Nope, everything in this article has already happened with the exception for the prediction that your ability to go anywhere you want will be restricted, but it is entirely possible with current technology. If they can’t stop your vehicle, they can control your purchases if you are too far from home.


Can we stop it? We can’t stop AI, that horse is already out of the barn. Our best hope is to control how these things are used. I have said this many times; elections have consequences. Here are some things you CAN do. 1. Know who you are voting for, not just their name. 2. Know where they stand on patriotic issues. 3. Look for proven voting history or experience, not just campaign promises. 4. If elected officials do not support your values – find one that will (and maybe that’s you).  5. Get involved. Freedom comes at a price and if we are not willing to work for it, it will certainly fade away because there are those who are willing to work hard to take it away. Follow the money.


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