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Changes in Enhanced renewal start July 1, 2020

The simple way to explain it - Instructors need to provide - Use of Force Training, Any relevant changes in the law (past 5 years) and qualifying 98 rounds of live fire.


Starting July 1, 2022 there is no cost for the permit or the fingerprining and background check. The only cost will be for the class.


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"The new law (HB1182 - 2020) will require anyone renewing their Enhanced Carry Permit to go through the Use of Force portion of the class, a review of any relevant changes to State Law, and shoot the 98 round qualification again. You will not have to take the entire class. Many instructors I have talked to will try to put these parts of the class at the end of their regular class with a set time for the renewal requirement portion of the class so those renewing only need to be there a short time. Many of us will hold separate, abbreviated renewal classes at reduced fees (be kind to the instructors – our liability insurance is our greatest cost of operation).
 I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention now because, if you recall from your initial class, the certificate the instructor issues to you on completion is valid for one year. You can make arrangements any time between now and September 2020 to complete the new requirements. The first permits were issued in September of 2015 so that is when renewals will be starting. The renewal period is 180 days prior to expiration with a 30-day grace period after expirations."

1. Upon the expiration of a permit to carry a concealed pistol that was issued pursuant to this chapter, the permit holder has a  thirty-day grace period to renew the permit. During the grace period, the permit holder may continue to carry a concealed pistol.
2. A person who holds an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol may renew the permit through the sheriff of the county in which the person resides. The period for renewal begins one-hundred eighty days before the permit expires and ends thirty days after the permit expires.
3.(1) Pay a renewal fee in the amount of thirty-five dollars;
(2) Pay the fee for a fingerprint background check;
(3) Pass a fingerprint background check and a National Instant Criminal Background Check; and

(4) Present proof that during the period of renewal set forth in this section, the person:
(a) Successfully completed the live fire component of a qualifying handgun course defined in § 23-7-58;
(b) Received instruction regarding the use of force standards; and
(c) Received instruction regarding relevant criminal statutory changes.

4. If a person fails to renew an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol during the period set forth in this section, the permit is deemed to be invalid. In order to obtain an enhanced permit thereafter, the person shall submit an application and meet all requirements set forth in § 23-7-53. (Start over!)


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